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Date: 06/09/2016
 Over the years established and overcome many difficulties and challenges, the company has gradually asserted its prestige and its brand in the field of environmental consultancy competitive, now has become one of the brand ...

Date: 06/09/2016
 Engineering Company Environmental Technology Vietnam octroi spécialisée de produits chimiques de traitement de l'environnement de l'équipement des produits chimiques, des produits chimiques alimentaires, les ...

Date: 27/06/2014
congtyxulynuocthai.net have extensive experience in design consultancy - Executing operation of wastewater treatment systems. With a team of skilled engineers, learning time, and dedicated research work in the field of Water and ...

Date: 27/06/2014
Collection, transport and disposal of industrial wastes, hazardous wastes from industry. Area hazardous waste: · South Central . Highlands · South East · Mekong Delta Waste includes: · Hazardous ...

Date: 27/06/2014
congtyxulynuocthai.net with staff consultants have qualifications and experience in the environmental field. congtyxulynuocthai.net specialized implementation of the environmental documents for the project is applying for investment ...


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