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Wastewater treatment system
Date: 27/06/2014

congtyxulynuocthai.net have extensive experience in design consultancy - Executing operation of wastewater treatment systems. With a team of skilled engineers, learning time, and dedicated research work in the field of Water and Environment for many years.

The main service packages:

wastewater treatment

Consulting, design of wastewater treatment systems.
Construction and installation of waste water treatment system.
Operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems.

The type of wastewater treatment system:

Supply system and drainage.
Water treatment system of civil and industrial.
Wastewater treatment system of civil and industrial.

Type of effluent:

water treatment system

Domestic wastewater.
The production: most industries and services.
Hospital wastewater.

Scale wastewater treatment system:

All wastewater treatment systems, large and small scale.

Area deployment wastewater treatment system:
wastewater treatment system

South Central.
Mekong Delta.

We are committed to service, optimization techniques with reasonable cost for you.

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