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Environmental Report
Date: 27/06/2014

Subjects: The industrial parks, residential areas, urban centers, hospitals, hotels, .. plants, factories, enterprises engaged in production, sales, ... have an impact on the environment.

Periodic reports: According commitment in environmental licenses or periodically as required by the management body (usually 6 months once the report).

Agencies handling: Department of Natural Resources / Natural Resources and Environment / management agency directly (eg in the IZ IZ management boards).

Implementation period: 10 - 20 days.

Cost: DN depends on location, number of samples measured, what measurement criteria, ...)

make reports on environmental monitoring
Legal procedures for reporting environmental monitoring periodically:

Business license or certificate of investment;
Power of attorney (if the sign is not BCGS profile representative if the paper CNKD law or CNDT);
Environmental licenses:
Certificate of environmental commitments.
Paper and EIA approval decisions.
Certificate scheme simple.
Paper decision approving the scheme details.
Environmental monitoring report periodically the latest period.
Groundwater extraction licenses (if any);
Discharge permits (if any);
Drawings overall floor plan of the Company (if not all businesses have to draw sketches by hand by master)
A register of all sources of hazardous waste;
Electricity bill, water bill 03 months.
The contract for waste collection activities; industrial solid waste; hazardous waste; documents hazardous waste collection.
Contract connect and wastewater treatment (for enterprises in IPs);
Written feedback on the implementation of environmental BCGS nearest authority (if any);

Process monitoring report periodically environment:

Survey and data collection on the state of the environment around the project area.
Identify the sources of pollution of the project such as emissions, waste water, solid waste, noise; identify the types of waste generated during operation of the project.
Sampling of waste water, and ambient air samples in the chimney, soil sampling, groundwater samples.
Assessment of environmental quality.
Assess the impact of each source of pollution.
Develop measures to reduce pollution and redundancy problems.
Proposed plans for wastewater treatment, emissions, and plans to collect solid waste from the operation of the project.
Reports submitted to the agency functions.


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