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Durian peel powder helps coastal oil spill recovery
Date: 27/06/2014

Graduate Electrical S. Kathiresan, Faculty of Biotechnology AIMST University, Malaysia has found that durian peel powder, after some additional chemicals that can be used to remove oil water.

The discovery is said to be a positive signal for the national oil and lots of durian cultivation this. Dr S. Kathiresan said durian shell is a material that absorbs oil effectively, can assist in the recovery of oil spills in coastal areas.

Kathiresan said that the simple experiment with durian peel, as agricultural waste, are collected and washed several times with water to remove dirt or durian flesh remaining. Then, some durian peel is dried, pulverized and added a bunch of chemicals.

Using kinetic studies and Freundlich isotherm model, Dr Kathiresan said the experiment showed that durian peel is added fatty acids can also retain its original efficiency, to absorb oil overflow in aqueous solution.

Dr S. Kathiresan said: "This biological Sorbents can be used to clean up oil spills along the coast, which causes adverse effects not only for all marine life, but also for activities economic man. "

He said, at present, synthetic fibers such as polypropylene and polyurethane are used to clean up oil spills and cost about 100USD/kg. Therefore, if put into production, waste products from agriculture will have great commercial potential because of its efficiency in oil absorption, cost effectiveness and ability to biodegrade.

With the new discovery of oil absorbing effect of durian shell, here is a subsequent detection of scientists Malaysia about the application of this agricultural waste.

In 2010, a group of Malaysian scientists announced research results on the use of durian peel as dye sorbent in the aquatic environment.

Meanwhile, the team Selebas Maret University, Indonesia also announced the results of research on the effects of durian shell in cancer prevention colon and rectum.

Dr Kathiresan said the research paper entitled "durian shell is supplemented fatty acids - bio absorbable materials for effective removal of oil spills in the aquatic environment" will be presented at the conference he chemical the 14th Asia in Bangkok in January 9/2011. /.

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